what does FRFR mean?


A term that may be boggling your mind, but fret not. FRFR simply refers to “Full Range Flat Response”, which is a fancy term for; a monitor that has a full range of frequency, whereas guitar cabinets and certain monitoring speakers may only focus on a specific range.

I believe a lot of musicians will agree it’s a somewhat misleading term as it sounds like some elusive new thing you’re hearing about, but in reality your typical headphones are actually full range flat response, that’s why you can hear all the instruments in the song(if you’re using decent quality headphones) clearly; you’re able to distinguish and hear the drums apart from the guitar apart from the vocals and so on.

When you’ll need one 

You’ll find yourself looking for an FRFR monitor or hearing more about them if you use an amp modeler or profiler, as FRFR monitors are among the preferred choice of musicians when using digital modeling equipment. They also allow you to use IR’s(impulse responses) from your unit if you already have a set preference, or in some cases, the monitor may have a knob that allows you to control if you want full range or the range of a typical guitar cabinet.

You can find active(powered) speakers or passive(not powered) FRFR speakers, with the choice really depending on what suits your specific needs the best. For me, I like having a powered FRFR cabinet to use with my Line 6 Helix so that my load in and load out is kept to a minimum of equipment; guitar, Helix, cabinet, cables. You may prefer the sound of a passive speaker being powered by a power unit of your choice though.

I hope this article has shed some light on this topic for you and sparked an interest as to what FRFR monitoring can do for you, as always, thank you for reading, until next time fellow Snobs!


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